Spandana is a public grievance redressal platform, an initiative of Government of Andhra Pradesh. Grievances raised through Spandana will be redressed in a specific time frame.

A grievance is a formal complaint on any issue regarding delivery of services by the government.A grievance canbe raisedon a department or an officer or on any scheme of the government. Right to information (RTI)can’t be seen as a grievanceand one can’t file RTI through Spandana.

To register a grievance, one can, visit the nearest Grama/Ward Sachivalayam or make a call to the 24/7 dedicated Call Centre – 1902 or visit a District Collector Office on the Grievance Day on every Monday (Spandana Monday event) or visit Spandana portal (https://www.spandana.ap.gov.in/) or download SPANDANA mobile app on iOS or Android phones.

To raise a grievance, citizen can contact the Digital Assistant, who is appointed in the Grama / Ward Sachivalayam.
On successful registration of a grievance, the citizen will receive an SMS text message with the grievance number called “Your Spandana Request” Number (YSR#).
You can check the status of a grievance using the weblink shared to you by SMS message at the time of grievance registration or citizen can make a call to 1902 Call Center or by visiting the nearest Grama/Ward Sachivalayam or throughSpandana mobile app.

You can also visit https://www.spandana.ap.gov.in/. Click on “Check grievance status”, enter “Your Spandana Request” number and click on “Get Details”
Grievance redressal officer is assigned by the department to redress the grievances. This officer performs the field enquiry and takes a necessary action to redress thegrievance.

LMF is the functionary or officer, who is the competent authority to deliver a service. On the other hand GRA or Grievances Redressal Authority is the officer, who is responsible for the quality redressal of the grievances. The GRA is the higher authority above the LMF.

Since the New SPANDANA is limited to the grievances only and no service requests are being accepted (For service requests, citizen has to approach Grama/Ward Sachivalayam), the LMF option doesn’t exist and GRA requests the subordinate officer to conduct an enquiry and will take a necessary action against the grievance and is responsible to redress the grievance.

When a grievance is redressed by the grievance redressal officer in Spandana portal, citizen will receive an update in the form of SMS.
If you are not happy with the redressal of a grievance, you can Re-Open the grievance by calling 1902 or by visiting Grama/Ward Sachivalayam or using Spandana portal (https://www.spandana.ap.gov.in/) or usingSpandana mobile app.
Once a grievance is re-opened, it will be assigned to a District Level Officer who is above the previous grievance redressal officer. The District Level Officer will perform necessary enquiry and redresses the grievance accordingly.
You should re-open the grievance only when you are not satisfied with the previous redressal of the grievance. You can re-open the grievance twice. When a grievance is re-opened at the first time, it will be assigned to a District Level Officer. If you are not happy with the grievance redressed at District Level, then you can re-open it second time and then it will be escalated to the HoD level.
For all technical related issues you can write to us us at helpspandana-ap[at]ap[dot]gov[dot]in or you can also call us on 1902
You can call 14400 to register a grievance on corruption / bribe, call 14500 to register a grievance on sand and excise, call 1907 for YSR Rythu Bharosa and agriculture related grievances.
No, Spandana is meant only for raising grievances. No new applications or service requests are accepted on Spandana.
You can share your feedback or suggestions to the below mentioned email id helpspandana-ap[at]ap[dot]gov[dot]in